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Social Security Disability - Frustrated ManGetting approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) is notoriously difficult. While the initial application process can seem easy enough – you can even do it online – actually getting approved often winds up being a long, grueling process. Many applications are denied initially, leading to the need for appeals and a drawn-out battle to prove your eligibility. The fact that you are unable to work like you once did, and may be in discomfort from your disability, only makes the situation more challenging.

I want you to know that you do have options. At SSD Solutions, I offer you an easier, more efficient way of obtaining the benefits that you need and deserve. While there are not guarantees that you will be approved, I have the experience and knowledge of the process to make sure your application and appeals contain all information available in support of your claim. I will do my best to get you a decision in the shortest time possible.

Qualifying For SSD

Young couple at home in transaction signing contract with business womanThere are a variety of ways to qualify for SSD. Depending on your circumstances, you may meet one or more of the qualifying criteria. The key is proving that you are effectively disabled and unable to work in the capacity you once did. I have worked with numerous SSD applicants, so I am aware of all the ways you can quality. Equally important, I understand what it takes to prove your case to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The biggest factor in qualifying is objective medical evidence. You need proof from a medical provider that you are in fact disabled, and that your disability is expected to last for an appropriate amount of time. I can help clarify what information you will need to obtain from your doctor and make sure that your application reflects that evidence.

The second most important factor in qualifying is presenting a sound, logical argument that meets the requirements of the SSA. I have extensive experience in constructing arguments for SSD clients, experience I can use to make sure your argument is clear and effective, and written in such a way that the SSA will accept.

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Even with the assistance of SSD Solutions, it is important to remember that a SSD application can take time to be approved. If you are considering applying, now is the time to start. I work with clients throughout Orlando, Florida, including Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, Lake County, Marion County, Brevard County and Volusia County. Please contact me today to get started on your application.